Eurobasket 2013

Eurobasket 2013: it’s been a great tournament so far, filled with surprises and disappointments……

ITALY, without several of its star players, has made it to the quarterfinals thanks to great teamwork.

UKRAINE may have been the biggest surprise. The players may not look like much, but they have played a great brand of basketball…. who’s the Coach???? How about this staff: Mike Fratello, assisted by Bob Hill, Joe Wolf, Scott Adubato, Jack Nolan and Rich Dalatri !!!!! Better than most NBA teams!!!

MARC GASOL is the best center in the World in my opinion

GORAN DRAGIC  may be the greatest slasher in the game

JONAS VALANCIUNAS is close to becoming an impact player

….let’s see who can win it all now! I expect a major upset!


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