BOOK: Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting

Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting

by Adam Filippi

Foreword by Hall of Fame Coach Hubie Brown

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After the success of SHOOT LIKE THE PROS: The Road to a Successful Shooting Technique, described as “the best book on shooting that I have ever read” by Phil Jackson, Charlotte Hornets Director of Global Scouting Adam Filippi presents his new book: Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting.

This is the first instructional book ever written to address, in depth, the most unique and complicated shot in the game of basketball: the free throw. Filippi guides both players and coaches through all aspects of the shot in order to understand what it takes to become a master free throw shooter.

Mastering the Art of Free Throw Shooting covers the shooting concepts and techniques Adam has developed and adopted through years of research, observation, analysis, experimentation and practice. The book includes historical facts, proper mechanics, shooting rhythm, the mental approach, free throw routine, teaching methods, drills and more. In addition, Euroleague legend Carlton Myers is featured in the book’s instructional photographs.

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