BOOK: Shoot Like the Pros

“Shoot like the Pros: the Road to a Successful Shooting Technique”
(foreword by Jerry West)

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Despite being basketball’s most important fundamental skill, shooting technique is perhaps the game’s least-taught fundamental. Charlotte Hornets director of global scouting Adam Filippi addresses this deficiency, drawing on years of experience as a player, scout, and skills coach in Shoot Like the Pros: The Road to a Successful Shooting Technique, perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of shooting mechanics ever published.

Filippi covers shooting mechanics, the mental aspects of shooting, free throws, game situations, strength and conditioning, teaching methods, and workout drills for advanced levels.  Shoot Like the Pros also features dozens of instructional photographs, diagrams, and tips from many of the top shooters ever to play the game, including:

• Jerry West
• Glen Rice
• Craig Hodges
• Ray Allen
• Kiki Vandeweghe
• Danilo Gallinari
• Chauncey Billups
• Derek Fisher
• Chuck Person

With the help of some of the NBA’s biggest stars and Filippi’s expertise, Shoot Like the Pros will give both players and coaches at all levels proper direction on how to improve shooting technique.



“The task of shooting the basketball is one of the more difficult skills in all of sports. I think Adam Filippi’s book “Shoot like the Pros” is the best on this topic that I have ever read. He refines the technique into basic movements from the feet to the final release at the fingers in very basic terms”

Phil Jackson Hall of Fame Coach

“Adam Filippi has produced a solid book on how to become a better shooter. Anyone can benefit from the content of this work.  You will improve your shooting with the fundamental skills and drills found in Shoot like the Pros”

Jim Boeheim Head Coach Syracuse University – Hall of Fame Coach

“Shooting is such an important part of basketball… especially to win championships! That being said, Adam Filippi has written an excellent book that has very helpful and important advice regarding the fundamentals of shooting the ball. I would recommend this book to any player who wants to improve their game”

Bill Sharman Hall of Fame Player & Coach

“Adam has written a comprehensive book on how to improve your shooting skills by touching all the bases. If you are serious about becoming a better shooter, this book is an excellent tool to get you there”

Mike D’Antoni Head Coach Los Angeles Lakers

“Adam Filippi has written the best organized book on shooting I’ve ever seen. From the fundamentals, to the mental approach to the drills, this is a shooter’s complete encyclopedia”

Fran Fraschilla – ESPN

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