Shooting Analysis & Instruction

Despite being basketball’s most important fundamental skill, shooting technique is perhaps the game’s least-taught fundamental. Having mastered the Art of Shooting, Adam Filippi addresses this deficiency, drawing on years  of research and experience as a player, scout and skills coach in his highly acclaimed book Shoot like the Pros: The Road to a Successful Shooting Technique, perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of shooting mechanics ever published. A great shooter himself, Adam shoots 98% from the free throw line and 90% from 3p range daily. He has the ability to dissect a player’s shooting mechanics and determine how to progress in terms of making the proper adjustments to become a consistent shot maker.

Coach Adam addresses:

  • Balance / Foundation
  • Footwork
  • Hand Positioning
  • Alignment
  • Follow-through
  • Rhythm
  • Learning to analyze your own shot
  • Mental approach
  • Free Throw routine
  • Shot Fakes
  • Spot shooting – catch & shoot
  • Off the dribble – pull up jump shots
  • Shooting off screens
  • Expanding your range
  • Quickening your release
  • Game Shots Drills


Adam supports his shooting development programs with video/image breakdown analysis in order to determine all patterns of success and/or error, thus establishing which technical flaws negatively affect each player’s shooting mechanics and release.

The Shooting Development Programs are the result of:

  • Player observation & evaluation – shooting mechanics, plus preferences, habits, flaws, game situations
  • Skill development programming
  • Statistical data and analysis
  • Image and/or video – frame by frame breakdown
  • On-Court training



  • NBA Players
  • WNBA Players
  • D-League Players
  • Overseas/International Players
  • College* – Female
  • Players Youth (Boys & Girls) Players

Note: Due to NBA rules, Adam can train neither MALE College Players nor MALE Elite High School Players.

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